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We provide goal-oriented, comprehensive, inpatient care designed for the 65+ individual who has had an acute illness, injury, or other disease process. We provide immediate care after acute hospitalization. Not all nursing facilities are equal. Some nursing facilities provide Medicare-covered services, while others do not. Vista Cove Care Center at Santa Paula is a Medicare certified facility, and also accepts HMO residents.

Who provides care?

  • Executive Director
  • Director of Nursing
  • RN Resident Assessment Coordinator
  • Physical Therapist, Occupational Therapist and Speech Pathologist
  • Registered Nursing and Licensed Vocational Nurses
  • Certified Nursing Aides and Restorative Aides
  • Dietician Consultant
  • Certified Dietetic Services Supervisor
  • Social Service Designee
  • Certified Recreation Directors

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