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Dear Vista Cove,

It is my pleasure to give an excellent reference to Vista Cove for an outstanding job well done in the field of Assisted Living and Memory Care. I frequent Vista Cove to visit with a Masonic Brother who has dementia. Alan has been at Vista Cove since August 31, 2006. I go almost every day; and therefore see Vista Cove as probably few people do. If you think this job would be easy,  you come and sit for hours on end and see what it is that I see. No matter what time of day or night or what social or exercise type of event is taking place, I see love, caring, tireless patience, dedication and the pursuit of excellence. I have taken advantage of some of the seminars offered to family and friends. To see and hear the dedication, love and understanding that come from Pat Kaplan and Edie Keller is a privilege indeed. They share their experience and strength freely and make me understand fully what we are all here for----to support each other and meet each other's needs. And the really nice part?? No one seems to be looking for accolades or rewards for doing what is right.

I have visited other places: Assisted Living and Memory Care establishments in San Pedro, Gardena, Palm Springs, Palm Desert and Fort Myers, Florida. I am sure they all do the very best they can, but not one holds a candle to Vista Cove. The main difference, I think, is that Vista Cove, even with all its safety features, has an ambience of home rather than a hospital environment.

Vista Cove has strong direction from its Executive Director. His influence filters down through and into all his staff who give all that they have on a daily basis. I cannot recommend Vista Cove enough for the oh-so-needed job that it does.

Luther Wood

Dear Vista Cove,

I wish to extend my gratitude for the excellent care my husband received while he was a guest at Vista Cove. It was not difficult for me to place Charles in your care. I knew he would be well cared for because the entire staff treats Vista Cove guests lovingly with compassion and respect. Not only is the care you provide exemplary, it is always a pleasure to visit your lovely and comfortable facility.

Thank you all so very much.

Irene Jacobs

Dear Vista Cove,

Tender, loving care is exactly what my dear husband has been receiving at Vista Cove at Rancho Mirage. The entire staff has been warm and friendly, helpful and kind. I cannot emphasize all of this enough and I am eternally grateful.

Virginia Vaughn

Dear Vista Cove,

Thank you for making my mother’s last days as comfortable as one could expect for someone who is dying. All of your people were very caring in their professional care. You can be very proud of the fine service you provide for very needy folks.

God bless all of you,

Phil Sheller

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