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See what Families Have to Say about Vista Cove

Dear Vista Cove,

I  am writing this letter to tell you about the personnel of Vista Cove Care Center at San Gabriel and how much my wife and I appreciate how well they treated my father, George Ornay.  Before my dad arrived at Vista Cove on February  20, 2011, he stayed mostly in bed.  In two and half months your personnel moved him from the bed to a wheel chair and then to walker and finally to your assisted living facility.  Your personnel were always friendly, kind and informative.  When I came in the front door, I could always depend on a friendly smile and hello from the person at the front desk (great personality).  The caregivers and nursing staff were excellent.  Your rehab personnel kept my dad always moving forward and were in a great way responsible for getting him to the point of be able to go to assisted living (I thank them).  Your activities department had great activities for my father to do day to day.  The personnel that worked in this department were always nice and friendly to all the live-ins.  At mealtime, my dad was always ready to eat.  He always said the food was good.  Thanks to all of your personnel for making my dad, my wife and I feel like we were at home.  THANK YOU!

My wife and I placed my father into Vista Cove at Arcadia when he left Vista Cove Care Center at San Gabriel on May 6, 2011.  My father has found a new home at Vista Cove at Arcadia.  My dad, my wife, and I have the highest respect for all the personnel there.  When visiting you can always depend on a friendly smile and hello from all the personnel.  You must be training and hiring the right people.  All the employees and residents seem to be very happy here.


Larry and Kay Ornay

Coming Home to Vista Cove

When my mother-in-law, Edna, was diagnosed with medical issues, it compelled her to sell her home in Texas and give up the neighbors she had known and loved for sixty years. The move to our home in the hills of South Pasadena, California, created culture shock and loneliness. She would tearfully share how she missed her friends and wanted to go home. In the hopes of making new friends, she would patiently sit in a chair in our driveway, with freshly baked cookies on her lap, hoping to strike up a conversation with a passerby. That was when we knew she needed a place where she could socialize, be stimulated and look forward to living. She needed a new home. After researching assisted living places, my husband selected Vista Cove in nearby Arcadia. He said, “I just have a good feeling about this place.” From the moment we walked in, the staff embraced us as though we were family. Edna, ever the fashionista, was greeted by residents who graciously accepted her and eventually dubbed her “leader of the pack.”

Vista Cove embodies a celebration of life, regardless of age, gender or physical condition. The delicious meals pridefully created by a longstanding chef and presented in an elegant dining room. The ongoing activities. The lovely grounds and quarters. They all reinforce the preciousness of each moment of one’s golden years. Perhaps Vista Cove’s most valued treasure is the passionate, caring staff who approach life with genuine smiles and a gleeful twinkle.

Vista Cove was the last place Edna lived. While my mother-in-law is no longer with us, we celebrate her love for Vista Cove by visiting the staff and her friends. We’re still greeted with the same hugs, warmth and excitement as the first day we met three years ago. For us, Vista Cove is our welcome home.

~ Patricia and Emmett Brown, South Pasadena, CA

Dear Vista Cove,

I wanted to thank Vista Cove for your gracious hospitality for my mother. Vista Cove is a friendly, clean and charming building and the complimentary dinner was excellent! - especially the salad bar and peach pie! Mother also loved the idea of having root beer floats.

Thank you again.


Ann Raymond & Elva Stevens

Dear Vista Cove,

It has been almost one year since Mom moved into her home with all of you. They said it couldn't be done....but you've done it! She is the happiest she's been in many, many years. Thanks all of you!!

Carla & Family

Dear Vista Cove,

I was so impressed today with the dining room staff that I felt I should leave a note. Every server smiled, used names and touched each resident at some point in some way. It warmed my heart that the servers were so kind while giving great service. Thank you again and please pass on my compliment.

Marcia Garrett

Dear Vista Cove,

I just wanted to express my appreciation for several of the Vista Cove pros. Chef Mario was sensational in baking a scrumptious and gorgeous birthday cake for last Friday afternoon. As you know, I wanted to throw a small birthday party for my mom, Elsie Dorman. Mario and the rest of your staff went all out to set up the cake table and to arrange for all of the necessary serving utensils. All the residents who attended the Happy Hour seemed to enjoy the added treat of Elsie’s birthday surprise. Mom was overjoyed and kept thanking everyone for all of their kindness - staff and residents.

I appreciate all the kindness that your staff extends to my mother. It is apparent that other residents feel the same way based on my chat with several others at dinner. Vista Cove is a personal, warm and caring setting for seniors when they can no longer handle all of life’s day to day responsibilities. Can I make my reservation to move in ten years form now?

Thanks to all!

Sari Nims (Elsie Dorman’s daughter)

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