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Residents at Vista Cove at Arcadia enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle through our innovative Life Enrichment Activity Programô (LEAPô). LEAPô is a personalized activity program that assesses the individual needs and objectives of each resident and develops a personalized activity plan for each resident that is enriching and engaging.

LEAP™ provides three levels of activities throughout the day, encompassing personal, neighborhood and community interactions.

Personal Activites

Provide beneficial one-on-one interaction between the primary caregiver and resident. Personal Activities include reality orientation, emotional and social interactions, family involvement in resident assessments and activities, and updating care plans.

Neighborhood Activities

Allow residents to interact with friends within their neighborhood and assist residents in identifying with and relating appropriately to others in their neighborhood. These activities are led by a caregiver and feature small group activities; orientation to place, person and time; long-term memory activities such as reminiscence therapy; and bonding with caregiver and neighbors.

Community Activites

Involve all residents and staff and are conducted in the Activity Room by our Activities Director. They feature group interactions, coordination activities, volunteer involvement, current events, sports-like activities, and recognition and reward activities.

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